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Why Naturopathy?

Naturopaths aim to find balance within the body and mind. Naturopaths search for the, least invasive, natural therapies to address your total health and well-being. We use clinical testing combined with traditional knowledge to provide a holistic system of healthcare. Naturopaths complement medical treatment and we are trained to be able to understand medicine interactions with supplements and herbs. Utilising diet, herbs and nutrition, the aim is facilitate the bodies natural abillity to heal. Our motto is do no harm.

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Mindy Bridgeman

Naturopath, Herbalist, Lester Cox Massage

Mindy has a passion for helping people to achieve wellness. She is a fully qualified and accredited Naturopath and Herbalist with Lester Cox Technique Training. Modalities include; Naturopath, Nutrition, Iridology, Massage, Lester Cox Technique, Psychic Tarot Reading and much more.Working with people to achieve whole health in mind, body, spirit is important to Mindy. With passion comes the ability to focus core energy on healing on a profound level. Mindy can order tests to really get to the bottom of things and make assessments depending on your individual needs. Taking the time to really listen and support the individual when it comes to health is the essence of how Mindy practices her craft. Appointments available on Tuesday-Friday in Sale. Naturopathy, Herbalism, Iridology, Massage, Lester Cox Technique.

Naturopathy, Herbalism, Iridology, Spiritual Healing, Massage, Lester Cox Technique.

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Achieve profound wellness

Healing is an indvidual process, let me help you achieve your goals. Every person is unique and requires an individual assessment and approach to feeling well

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